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Our Services

Furniture Installation

We install a range of products including but not limited to: Ancillary Furniture, Desks,  Seating, Workspace Accessories, Workstations/Cubicles, Conference Rooms, Lockers, File Cabinets, Overheads, Panel Systems etc

Architectural Glass

 Whether you're looking for Office Window Fronts, In-Office Phone Booths, Conference Rooms, Aesthetic Walls and more


 We aim to be a One-Stop Shop for your Remodeling, Relocation or "starting fresh" needs. We are able to arrange all aspects of your project from Pick-Up to Storage to Final Installation.

Product Receiving

Furniture can be delivered directly to our secure warehouse located in Union County, NJ. We Inspect and Store your product until it's ready to be installed into its new home. 

Disposal & Liquidation

When it comes time to update your office or workspace, our team will carefully remove and dispose of your old furniture in an environmentally-friendly manner. We also offer liquidation services for businesses looking to sell their used furniture


Product Shipping and Care

  • With our shipping service, your furniture/products will be transported safely and efficiently to your desired location, giving you peace of mind knowing your items are in good hands

  • Cleaning Services offered

  • Repairs and Touch-Ups as needed


  • Modify existing spaces to assist changes in the workplace

  • Add partitions, mobile dividers, sneeze guards 


  • Climate Controlled 

  • 60,000 Sq Ft Warehouse

  • Central Location in Tri-State 

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